Installing my own Power/Push button for set top box design

is it possible to add my own power button, I don’t like the button on the side of the boards, would be nice if didn’t have the power button installed but left the holes avail so I can solder my own push button to put on the front of a custom computer case design.

The EXP_INT GPIO only can be used as Power On key. You can boot your VIM2 when this GPIO was connected with GND. BTW, the EXP_INT GPIO only be used for Power On key and not Update key. Thanks

This is work for Power_ON only.
But if I need Power_OFF and Go_to_sleep, How to do it?

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It don’t support for Power_OFF and Go_to_sleep :grinning:

I wish the power button didn’t have it installed so I could add my own.