Installing microsoft apps in khadas vim3 pro loaded with aosp 9 custom build

Recently I got a khadas vim3 pro and did custom build of aosp9(mbox) for it. everything is working fine but when i installed microsoft apps like teams from playstore they are getting installed but not opening by stating a message that “your device is a rooted android device”. how I can unroot my vim3 pro loaded with aosp9 ?

Thanks in advance

You need to build the user variant.
The userdebug variant was rooted by default.

yeah I did that thanks for your response, i flashed user build this time its working but even some time company portal is stopping it by saying you are using rooted device, but for this build when i check for adb it is connecting upto shell level, but su is not happening, i think it means its not a root build right. one thing i am not understanding is still why company portal is highlighting this is a rooted device, compared to userdebug build in this user build after trying three four times teams is opening