Installing Fedora on VIM1

Hello, all.

I’ve been using a VIM1 as a HTPC for a few years now. I’ve decided to upgrade to a VIM3, ordered it and have now received that VIM3.

I’ve decided to install a Linux distribution (probably Fedora, my favorite Linux distribution) on the now unused VIM1 but couldn’t even boot on the Ubuntu image provided by Khadas. Since I kept booting to the Android image on the eMMC, I made a change in the system preferences to boot to the SD card. Since then, my VIM1 shows the VIM splash screen and then reboots, show the splash screen again, reboots, etc…

I would really like to solve the boot issue and, as an encore, install OOWOW so I can boot to Fedora. Can anybody tell me how I would go about doing that?

Hello @Electr1

Can you help to check?

Hello @Emmanuel

Please flash OOWOW to the SD Card,

Within OOWOW online scripts menu can allow you to easily flash and use fedora from your eMMC.

Additional: to use newer fedora versions like release fc.38, you can use updated script,
you need to enter the rescue shell and run this commands

For fedora workstation:

curl -jkL | TYPE=Workstation sh -s -

For fedora server:

curl -jkL | sh -s -


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