Install Tensorflow, Keras and OpenCV on Edge2

Which system do you use? Android, Ubuntu, OOWOW or others?

Board: Khadas Edge2 Pro
Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS with GNOME v 42.5, installed directly from OOWOW, on the eMMC.

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Hello guys,

Could anyone help me to properly install and prepare the Tensorflow and OpenCV? I can’t find any post related to install on Edge2.
If NPU, or GPU support needed to be setup before installing Tensorflow, I’ll be thankful if you guide me to do that too.


i think
you must download it!

Thanks @rayeleigh
The instructions in the links cover it all.
I saw in the installation tree that Tensorflow and OpenCV is included. Also I noticed that for model conversion is important to use an environment with python 3.8 where the versions of numpy and the other modules from the dependency tree should be older. Otherwise the wheel won’t be built successfully.

@todoriusan i want help too…
I am using khadas vim3 pro
The sign language recognition model can’t convert ksnn…

Thanks for sharing this @rayeleigh !
For now I’ll stick to default installation of opencv, tensorflow, keras and scipy, without the NPU, enough for me to start. Later when my first models are ready, I will give the npu a try again, sharing the experience here.