Install OS using PXE Boot

Is it possible to automate installation on VIM 3 using PXE? i saw tftp installation but it requires to access using serial , is there anyway to access kbi remotely or without any key press during startup?

im planning a demo project to auto install os from remote pc

yes ! i have test it already! yes is possible to start OS and automate it!
uboot PXE DHCP TFTP - works fine! but u need install proper uboot + uboot env before!!!

PS: VIM2 VIM3 - have spi flash - which can help bootup process make more flexible !!!


I have a slightly different question related to automated install on a VIM3 using PXE boot. There are manual steps required before the board can PXE boot an image.

Step 1. Upgrade uboot to mainline uboot

Step 2. Set boot mode to SPI flash

Step 3. Setup uboot parameters and write them to SPI flash.

These steps are performed using a serial debugging tool connected to the GPIO pins on the VIM3. In my case I am using a bus pirate in transparent uart bridge mode. My goal is to scale the install across hundreds of boards. Is there a method for installing mainline uboot, configuring uboot parameters, and writing to SPI flash with Krescue KBI or with a script in the Krescue shell terminal?

PXE boot
Just write mainline uboot to SPI or EMMC or SD / boot it
if board dont have any bootable source - PXE will start

if we need automate writing image to many boards can try autoinstall from sd card