Install new Dual boot ROM to eMMC

Please help. Regardless of changing USB ports or refresh a numerous of times, still can not pass 2% of installation. Please advise howto finish this. Many thanks .

ps. Installing Android Nougat 7.0 no problem at all.

Hi, bengt:
is it VIM2? Did you try to flash the rom with other USB port?
You can refer to the docs 'Upgrade Via a Burnning TF Card’
Thanks very much.

Just making sure that you have additional usb power + usb c data which normally provides power

Always good to have extra cables, but additional power not required to flash via USB-C cable.

Many thanks for all of your kind responses. I have decided given up and use the former version ( Android Marshmelo which is smaller and quicker responses for my specific use - Kodi). But I am still missing studying and coding Python in Ubuntu.

not for me. tech support told me to add male male usb for this

I see, new to me… Is that just for this ROM?