Install instructions for VIM3 emmc

The install instructions for flashing an OS to the emmc on the VIM3 can be found at

The instructions are for upgrading via a windows computer or an ubuntu computer. I am currently running Arch Linux on an Odroid xu4 - can i use the “ubuntu” instructions and upgrade va my system??? Or do i have to borrow someone else’s computer in order to setup my new Khadas?

@korchnoi1964 You need a PC to upgrade it .

From any PC? Does it have to be a system that is running Windows or Ubuntu? Can it be a PC running a different flavor of Linux such as Debian. Linux Mint, Arch Linux, etc?

Alternatively, can I burn the OS to an SD card and install to the Emmy that way? One post I’ve read says that it will boot to an OEM install and then after I “make (my) choices” it will restart with the Manjaro system installed … it doesn’t specify whether one of the “choices” is to install to the emmc card.

@korchnoi1964 You can refer to our Docs

  • How to Boot into Upgrade Mode
  • How to Upgrade

You can use a pc about another linux system . You need to install our tools.You can try to do it.I think it should be work fine in Debian . But I haven’t tried Arch series systems.

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Are there any images that are designed to be installed to the emmc (or just the Ubuntu image)? Can the sd image be flashed to the emmc?

@korchnoi1964 All the ubuntu firmware is here.