Install external ubuntu with usb

Hi guys, I have to ask again if I want to use the official ubuntu not from emmc but via usb external, what exactly do I need to consider?

Currently I use the emmc from Khadas pro and use the official ubuntu image from Khadas.

  1. how do I install the new OS via usb external? I know this still from the Rock 5 model that I had to use a flash tool for m2.

  2. I assume that OOWOO must not start automatically. I just load the image on external and then I restart the system and the system automatically detects the OS?

The Khadas documentation is very short there :pensive: Install OS into External Storage [Khadas Docs]

It is simple, just write the SD image here to the USB devices with etcher.

wow, that it is so simple I would not have thought. Cool thanks

This isn’t working for me. It just boots in to android.

What firmware do you use? This may occur in some mainline firmware. You can clear EMMC and try again.