Install CoreElec on MicroSD

Hello, from Oowow, is it possible to install CoreElec on an external memory (Micro SD card) rather than internal memory ? I can’t find a tab allowing you to select the memory on which you want to install this partition.

Hello @David_T

Hello @hyphop , any suggestions ?

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Привет! Моя vim4 пришла поврежденная и не работает, поэтому проверить не могу будет ли работать такой вариант: 1. Установка на emmc при помощи oowow. 2. Копирование всей системы с emmc на sd при помощи dd. 3. Расширение раздела на весь объем накопителя и исправление ошибок. 4 очистить emmc и попробовать запустить с sd.

Hi! My vim4 came damaged and doesn’t work, so I can’t check if this option will work: 1. Installation on emmc using oowow. 2. Copy the entire system from emmc to sd using dd. 3. Expansion of the partition to the entire volume of the drive and error correction. 4 clear emmc and try to run from sd.

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try direct write to sd and boot from SD

xz -dc vim4-coreelec-20.0-nexus-221128.img.xz | dd of=/dev/sdX

PS: change sdX to real SD card device name

It works, thank you very much. Can we consider integrating the MicroSD card directly from Oowow in the future ?

Still important subject. Any info on audio drivers? (Dolby Atmos)

Hello @David_T

There is no Dolby Atmos supports on this SoC we used.

There will never be ?! I thought it was only time to develop the audio drivers ? :smiling_face_with_tear: