Information on the behavior of the Edge-V's MCU

Information on the functions of the STM8S003 MCU, the roles it performs, its firmware, and the operation of its firmware are scant. My questions—these are regarding the original Edge/Edge-V—the that are left unaddressed by this lack of documentation are:

  • Is it the STM8S003F3 that is used or is it the STM8S003K3?
  • What is the exact part number of the MCU (e.g., STM8S003F3U6TR, STM8S003K3T6CTR, etc.)?
  • Is the firmware’s source code available to the public?
  • If the source code is closed source, who is the vendor of the source code and what is the product’s name?
  • If the firmware is closed source, then is there documentation describing what MCU has access to so an open dource replacement can be made?
  • What does “hardware encryption EEPROM” in the note for the MCU on the Edge-V’s homepage refer to? Does that mean the MCU also plays the role of a secure cryptographic processor like a TPM does?

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some opterations has been implemented in KBI
there is more info: Edge-V MCU Register Map

There are 128 Byte in the MCU EEPROM of Edge-V, which is divided into two parts of data, one part is used as system setting data (0x00~0x3F), and the other part is used as user data (0x40~0x7F). Some data in the system settings require a vender password to modify. The user data section needs to verify the user password to access.

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I take it end users cannot modify the vendor settings. If so, why are we not allowed to?

So the MCU does not perform encryption?

Most of the vender setting could modify by users:
the part 1: can not modify
the part 2: can modify
which one you want to modify?

I want to be able to modify both because it’s my device.

Sorry, part 1 can not be modified at present.

Thank you. A few more questions:

  • What is the reasoning behind making part 1 unmodifiable to the end user?
  • Can the MCU’s firmware be flashed by the Rockchip subsystem?
  • If so, is the MCU’s compiled firmware image available for download if it needs recovered/updated?

Hi Melab,

The part 1 information is the factory equipment information, and users do not need to change it generally, and this part of information may involve after-sales service. Such as MAC, USID, MCU firmware version number, etc.


The MCU firmware not available for download at present.

Is there anyway to dump the firmware in case I need to restore it later?

Is there anyway to write-protect the KBI settings? Can they be write protected until the next reset of the board (similar to power-on write protection used by eMMCs)?