Information on the behavior of the Edge-V's MCU

Information on the functions of the STM8S003 MCU, the roles it performs, its firmware, and the operation of its firmware are scant. My questions—these are regarding the original Edge/Edge-V—the that are left unaddressed by this lack of documentation are:

  • Is it the STM8S003F3 that is used or is it the STM8S003K3?
  • What is the exact part number of the MCU (e.g., STM8S003F3U6TR, STM8S003K3T6CTR, etc.)?
  • Is the firmware’s source code available to the public?
  • If the source code is closed source, who is the vendor of the source code and what is the product’s name?
  • If the firmware is closed source, then is there documentation describing what MCU has access to so an open dource replacement can be made?
  • What does “hardware encryption EEPROM” in the note for the MCU on the Edge-V’s homepage refer to? Does that mean the MCU also plays the role of a secure cryptographic processor like a TPM does?

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