Infinite reboot loop after plugging USB Display


I have usb display with touch support and trying to connect it to Khadas VIM3 with Ubuntu 5.7.0 via USB.
If display is not connected, system is booting properly. When display is connected, Khadas is stuck in infinite reboot loop with following error:

Is this related to booting order? Whant can I do to fix this issue?

yes ! mainline uboot have some problems with some USB devices (for example your situation )

SOLUTION: remove problematic usb device before bootup device - and plugin after :wink:

UPDATE: i will try check last uboot updates - may be already was fixed
UPDATE: i will upload new mainline uboot very soon - which have some additional option for ignore usb device (for example its will be usefull in your situation)

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Thanks a lot for your fast response :slight_smile:

Can you let me know when a new uboot will be available?

Hi, is there any chance you can tell me how to change boot order or other solution to fix this issue?

try our last main-line uboot images - just update uboot
(plz check its can help in your situation - and send me feedback how its works or not )