Indiegogo Update #3

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We’ve updated our blog with the latest update for Indiegogo. :slight_smile:

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Hi there. I am a developer and a am seriously interested in developing some new projects on the RK3399 platform and your upcoming edge product would be my preferred method of doing so. I am wondering if there is any avenue available to lay my hands on anything pre-release

I would like to start moving a project over to the rk3399 SoC before i have to commit the external custom hardware board design i want the rk3399 to control and its board files out to the board manufacturer. Initially i was going to use a Rock64 Pro but after some research became aware of the Edge board. Its just April is to far off for me to wait. Anyways… any help or information would be greatly appreciated. thanx.

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Hi, actually, the Edge-V board mass proudction will be next month (due to the Chinese New Year or should be earlier), PCB board order from the PCB factory:

Which board you prefer Edge or Edge-V?

Good day!

basically i was looking for a form factor something similar to the Rock46 pro or Beaglebone black layout with exposed gpio’s for the main project i’m working on but in light of some linux development if the tv box market i would like to be able to work on another project thats in line with bringing that markets support up to full mainstream kernel and open source drivers for some the graphics areas. So i am kinda of open to which one you think would be the best suited. Ive been kinda doing the tv box on linux thing on amlogic for a few years but stayed private rather then releasing some patches that would solve some of the issues they have had with a lack of user space driver in the graphics area and recently decided to drop all my Amlogic endevours and move to the RK3399 as it would be a good fit for me to work in 2 distinct project areas.

i would be open to any suggestions you have reqarding your product and what would be best suited

Actually now after looking at your web pages a bit more i am thinking that the edge would require a captain board to hold the edge … that might be the choice for me as it appears to be a bit more flexible and the audio codec… thats based on my assumptions that i am understanding the web page information properly.

But if it comes to one being more readily available then the other i would take which ever was the quickest and i would like one with 4 gig of sram. flash size i am not that concerned with. and the other not


The Edge model will be 3-4 weeks later then Edge-V.

ok so the Edge-v is there a way to get anything now or exactly how long is it going to take me to get one? I am in Ontario Canada.