Incorrect Sample Rate with dsd files

Hello everyone.
I am very satisfied of my toneboard that I use with foobar on windows 10 with asio drivers.
I play flac and dsd files right, but when I play dsd 64 and dsd 128 files i see the sample rate locked at 176.400 in the control panel of TUasb drivers

With PCM format, the sample rate is correct (44.1, 48. 96.192 etc.)
But in DSD mode it’s always lock at 176400 (try it with or without DoP encapsulation)

board fw and drivers updated to the latest version
foobar latest version; I try other player too

Thank you

i have try many DSD files for ToneBoard with different rates and all work fine on MPD linux , in direct hardware DSD mode without any conversion !!

PS ! PCM rates its not same as DSD rates

Thank you.
Yes, probably is the control panel that does not read correctly the sampling rate
In foobar too there is no need of any conversion to play it correct