IMX415 cable split after 2 days

Why is it that your cameras don’t have detachable cables like other vendors, the cable has split after 2 days! It took longer to get the cameras than it lasted.

Hello @jberwick

Sorry for the issues, could you take a photo of your camera?

To be honest I think you’ve let yourself down, is the edge2 was a SOM with carrier board so that I can build my own carrier and that these cameras would have been detachable cables it would have been perfect for the project I’m working on and even to use in production but I can’t have this happening so will have to seek alternatives.

Hello @jberwick

How does this happaned? Have you deattach the camera module wihtout open the FPC slot?

I don’t know how does this happen? it was never removed from the slot when I noticed it wasn’t being detected by the OS. I checked the cable and see it was damaged. I have 2 of these cameras and i perfectly fine.

What is this thin line, the broken cameras cable is along this line. I have about 6 cameras here, 2 pi 3 modules, 2 pi hq cameras and 2 imx415 from AliExpress and none have got had damaged cables.

It is the junction of the FPC cable, it won’t break if you don’t pull hard.

Why not use FFC cable so thay be replace now I got a totally useless $50 camera instead of replacing a $2 cable.

Thanks for your suggestion.

We noticed that you have already contacted us by email, right? Out after-sales team will follow up and contact you with email.