If the board seems dead, what should I try

Topic. In actuality, I already had a Khadas Tone Board arrive and turn out to be dead.

Details: It arrived opened. Which is to say the two bits of scotch tape that had originally held the box closed were already broken. Plugging the thing into my PC produced not a single blip from Windows. I tried multiple ports. I tried multiple cables. I tried both USB2 and USB3. Microsoft provides a USB analysis took with their SDK called USBView, and it allows one to see anything plugged into any port, even if it can’t be identified. It showed nothing.

I have a replacement arriving soon. I’m hoping to learn what I might try, above and beyond what I already tried above, should it turn out that the replacement is also dead. The box had no instructions, and if I’m being perfectly frank, the steps needed to achieve the intended functionality from the board (installing the correct drivers, for a start) were not made altogether easy to locate on the website. So even though there didn’t seem to be anything of the sort on the board itself, I can’t discount the possibility that I missed an “on” switch or something.

@Eric68 please help!!!

Hi @Fredas

  • Firstly,you can install the driver which is the same with T2P, and you can download here.

  • Then,if you connect Tone board to PC by USB A-to-C cable,khadas Audio Dashbord will show the name
    about the device,such as the picture showing:tone1

If you can see the name tone1,it can be work. You can use foolbar or other players to listen music.

The replacement Tone Board arrived and this time it had shrinkwrap. To my complete lack of surprise, it worked without issue.

The problem, then, seems to have been what I can only assume to be company policy of giving returns a “revolving door” treatment and immediately selling the used and potentially defective product as new to new customers. That’s what I got: A pre-opened box with a dead board. I also learned, upon opening the replacement, that the previous unit was supposed to have come with a little packet of screws and whatnot, and that the board itself was supposed to have been in sealed bubblewrap.

I am wondering whether the LED on the Tone Board might be disabled. Because otherwise, it’s going to be getting some electrical tape.

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Sorry for the inconvenience and good to know your replacement device works fine.

May I know where you place the order from? I think we need to let our team or partners to improve the packaging before shipping.

The LED is note programable, it’s a good idea and our future product will with this feature.

Good day!

I’m trying not to be ambiguous about this. It wasn’t a problem with packaging. The second unit I received:

  • Was shrinkwrapped.
  • Contained a packet of screws and stuff.
  • Had the board sealed away in bubble wrap.

The first:

  • Was not shrinkwrapped. Instead, two pieces of already-broken scotch tape were the only evidence that the box was at one point intended to be sealed.
  • Did not contain the aforementioned screw packet.
  • Included the board in a non-sealed envelope of bubble wrap, which makes sense if said wrap had been sealed before the previous owner opened it.

So this wasn’t an issue of packaging. I was given a secondhand product, sold as new. Hell, if they’d gone through the minimal effort of testing the device before shipping it, I may never have even known.

May I know where you place the order from?

Amazon. Good thing, too, as it eliminated any possible additional delay in securing a replacement.