I need low gain while using digital volume

I want to be able to use the digital volume while using low gain, currently it forces high gain (digital volume implies controlling volume of both rca and headphone outs with physical knob). By default the knob controls a subsection of the analog amplification (headphone out) and virtually avoiding any “quality degradation”.

The reasoning for the current firmware implementation i believe is meant to avoid bugs and quality degradation corncerns by customers.

I think the former is a favor to the community to quickly implement a feature the and the latter is
plain meaningless. 32bit digital volume is infinitely superior to 99% of analog knob volume products. In fact when using analog control for headphone out with tone’s its not technically analog thats why it works flawlessly but correct me if im wrong.

A workaround could be having the digital control as a separate option from the original control (knob controls analog headphones only with 2 gain setings) to a separate global option (meaning both headphone and rca oust are affetected when enabling digital volume).

Another would idea be being able to mute headphones out/rca out, its annoying when using speakers to watch movies/shows or having to turn of speakers when using headphones but my guess is thats more work to implement. ​

Ideally i think we should be able to tweak all of the encoder options by having the firmware source. I find it silly having to do a whole encoder rotation to switch between volume and track skipping, for example. Its also annoying to hold the knob for and hour to turn it off. Its limiting the device potential so i rarelly use the knob.

That said, im very grateful for the product we have avaliable at its price point even when ignoring the encoder issues there is no competition.

This isnt a complain from an unsatisfied consumer. Im aware we are getting top notch specs, packing balanced and unbalanced with an admirable clean headphone amp that satifies 97% of headphones in the market for less than half of what alternatives would ask for.

All that while maintaining a portable form farctor which just helps its value.

So i want to say thanks!!! But i believe it could be even sweeter with some freedom :smiley:

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