I need help and advice

First of all, I am a programmer in a newly established company (and I am a new programmer). I also work in the hardware development department. I am developing hardware for some clients. This hardware is connected to an STM32f4 and performs some measurements. The sensors communicate with the STM32 via UART interfaces. Additionally, there are a few servo motors and hydraulic components connected to this circuit. I have considered using a Khadas instead of an STM32 development board (which already contains an STM32). Furthermore, I can display the measurements I obtain on a real-time touch screen.

Here are the things I would like to learn from you:

Will this hardware work with a Khadas in an environment with high altitudes, as well as in a moist environment with a significant amount of ammonia vapor? Is it suitable for these conditions?
Can the Khadas communicate with devices that send data through RS232 and RS485 interfaces, either via I2C or another interface?
I am planning to buy a Khadas VIM3. I will connect two devices (using RS232 and RS485 for data transmission), 4 motion sensors, 1 touch screen with HDMI connection, 3 or 6 motors, and 1 hydraulic component to this device. Do you think this is reasonable? There won’t be too many complex operations, just opening or closing doors based on the measurements, and sending the data to a server over the internet. Do you think this is a reasonable setup?
I wanted to ask knowledgeable individuals because I am new to this field and lack experience. I apologize for my poor English. Have a healthy day, everyone!

Regenerate response

I2C and UART work fine.
VIM3 Pro is a very good board.
Recommend ordering the heatsink and backup battery.
Also make sure you have that on a very good power supply.

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