I need a pair of antennae for my VIM3, how do I get them?

I have misplaced both antennae for my VIM3 and would like to buy a new set but I can not find an order page for them. How would I go about ordering or acquiring a pair?

Thanks for any info.

Not sure if you can get them through Khadas, maybe.
A user needing VIM2 antenna hit the luck jackpot. A nice user was able to help them out. Hope you will be so lucky.:slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks RDFTKV,

I have sent an email to the Khadas Shop requesting a pair so I am hoping this will resolve things.

Hold the phone,

I just found the antennae when I searched the garbage can in my work room…after my wife suggested I do this. A bit of dumbassery on my part but happy that problem solved.

We all go through it.:slightly_smiling_face:
Glad you found them. Having a wife means the “two-head” theory is always an option. One of the many benefits of matrimony.:smile:

yeah ive got bags of them if anyone ever needs any!


@Donanon Maybe the sales team can help you . @Gouwa @lilysun @willow

Hello, I will message to you inadditionally.
Thank you