I need a fan for my Vim

I orderd a Vim and will need a fan for it!

How hot does it get under load without a fan?

It’s around 60℃ when playing 4K videos, and testing temp is 32℃.

there are many cooling fans for choice, we might need to design a mountable case for the fan.

Fan would be great, i have read that many arm mini pc-s do have high constant cpu loads under Linux, i don’t mean JeOS distros like Libreelec, i mean regular distros like Ubuntu and similar.

Nihow! Hopefully that wont take take 2 long time hate waiting:slight_smile:

Can you suggest a fan to be used for it unless you think of selling one that will fit with a case?

32c but Iḿ gona use my in Philippines where in my area is anything from 28c up to 40c and more unless we have the ac on 24/7 and thats not in my mind to pay huge amounts on the ac!
So without a fan my guess itś gona blow up to at least 70c and more playing 4K videos and music!
Hope you have a fan case soon as if it works as expected we gona need 6-10 more of this baby 1 for each room to our guests!

Ok, will response here next week when the mounting case and cooling fan sample are ready.

Welcome to Russia!


Overview of VIM with a cooling fan. Will update with more detailed information.

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Looks really nice, so this can’t be mounted with original case, we need to buy this one, if we want to use the fan?

Great! I want the same but little bit later.

The topest case will be sold together with the high speed slim cooling fan.

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Looking good

yes really nice design. congrat khadas

this one selling as accessories or built in…

It is good to have options. Looking forward to the accessories’ arrival on Gearbest.
Getting excited about the Vim’s arrival in my mailbox.

I need the accessories for the 2 Wim I ordered this far how much are they and when can we start ordering?

Option to fit heat sink instead of fan…
6 x 6 x 14mm finned device.
New lid with cutout to suit, or fan opening may be big enough.

Hi, Robert:
What do you mean this: