I have a little problem with Edge-V

Hi all,
I replaced the hard disk on my notebook where I used to compile android for Edge-V.
Now when I compile with the new install the bootanimation is vertical before it was horizontal. How can I change direction?

Another question: Is it possible to add two keys Vol+ and Vol-?

Sorry for my bad english

Do you mean HDMI or Mipi screen?

A post can only ask one question. And the problem should be described more clearly. The firmware has a volume up/down soft button by default. I don’t know what you need?

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Dear goenjoy, thank you for your reply.

I am sorry for two questions I asked in a 3d.

I will open another 3d for the second question.

Now I’m using the MIPI output

You need a landscape screen, right? You can rotate the boot logo image 90 degrees to meet your needs.


Sorry but I mean the boot animation in landscape as the writing android that I added to the photo

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@june1971 Firmware or code should be set to horizontal screen by default. Did you change anything?

No don’t change anything.
Anyway I changed the hard drive again I have buy a SSD. I try again to install Linux and download everything again.

I’ll let you know after compiling the firmware how it works