I am experiencing intermittent sound issues when watching YouTube videos on Chrome in Ubuntu 24 using Khadas Mind + Dock

Hi, I have a dual boot system (gnub + win11 + ubuntu 24) with my Khadas Mind + Dock, when I login to Ubuntu 24, and try to watch youtube, the audio not play well in it.

Hello @johnny

Do you use the Mind Dock audio?

yes, i use Mind Dock Audio by default:

BTW: the audio can only have sound output when the volume set to about 80 to 100, when i lower the volume below 70, the sound will totally disappear.

Hello @johnny

Thanks for your feedback, it is a known issue of Dock Audio with the Linux system.

Linux on Mind is not fully supported although most functions are supported out of box, but it maybe still have some issues, e.g. the Dock Audio issue.