HW h264 encoding on android

Hello, how can I use hw h264 encoder on android. Is there any sample/library available somewhere?

Thanks in advance!

Hello @Jan_Rozenbajgier

@goenjoy @xiong.zhang will help you there.

Hello again, just want to come back to my question. I want to do h264 android encoder with low latency (<100ms) on VIM4 which takes YUV 4:2:0 ByteByffer frame and encodes it to AnnexB ByteBuffer (all transport I want to do myself). Please let me know if it’s possible now to do so or if not, are you planning to add the feature soon? @goenjoy @xiong.zhang

@Jan_Rozenbajgier Can you explain your specific application scenario? From what you have described so far, it is beyond our technical support scope. For complex requirements, business processes are required.

Thanks for answer. You wrote in VIM4 spec “SoC (…) low latency 4K H.264/H2.65 50fps encoder (…)” and I just want to use it on android. YUV 4:2:0 and AnnexB formats are the most popular for h264 encoders, but if the encoder supports another it’s also ok. I can adapt decoder side.

I think it’s too early for me to start business process now, I’m developing very early prototype.

@goenjoy will MediaCodec.createEncoderByType(MediaFormat.MIMETYPE_VIDEO_AVC) use this low latency 4K H.264/H2.65 50fps encoder?