HW decoders v4l2-m2m for VIM\VIM2

Using sources from LE, I built a version of FFMPEG with support for hardware decoder v4l2-m2m.


When install the package on Armbian version 20181205 with kernel 4.19.6, i’m run a test check.

ffmpeg -c:v h264_v4l2m2m -i Test.mp4 -f null /dev/null

The system shows that the decoding in FFMPEG is working.

I tried to perform a decoding check using GStreamer using this instruction.

gst-launch-1.0 filesrc location=Test.mp4 ! matroskademux !
h264parse ! v4l2h264dec ! videoconvert n-threads=4 ! kmssink
driver-name=meson force-modesetting=true connector-id=29 sync=false

But I receive an error. Maybe I’m doing something wrong or now I need to use other options ?

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Which version of gstreamer are you using, and what is the error ?

Please note that the support of the amlogic v4l2 m2m decoder is still wonky with gstreamer, due to implementation details. It’s probably best to hold off until the v4l2 m2m decoder specification has been posted. It’s also been a while since I tested it, sorry…

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