HW accelerated H264 transcoding on linux

Hello everyone i’m researching oportunities to use Khadas VIM as a transcoding station.
As long as i can understand S905x have hardware acceleration for encoding of h.264, but can’t find anything specific for Khadas Vim

I made some research and found this:
c2enc - hw accelerated encoding for Odroid C2

hw accelerated decoding with ffmpeg for amlogic devices

There are instructions for Raspberry PI but i like to figure it out - can it be done on Khadas VIM?

I’m interested in khadas VIM solution becouse Khadas VIM2 should use s912 which should support hw h.265 encoding and this is my longterm roadmap.

I ordered Khadas VIM only yesterday and plan to experiment with my findings when it will arrive, meanwhile
does anyone have some expirience with this on khadas VIM?

Basically first step - i want to transcode h.264 to h.264 with lower bitrate and use HW acceleration.

Any suggestions except my findings?