On the latest firmware (VIM3_Pie_V200103.7z), my VIM3 PRO stopped seeing 5GHz wifi networks. There was no such problem on all previous firmware. Why?

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Where can download firmware with a working 5 GHz?

try the previous version, or [ROM] Superceleron, try everything! :wink:
I personally work on LAN, and I don’t particularly monitor WiFi.

Thanks for the answer. But this is the only one firmware, where 5GHz does not work. On the SC. v3 and from Khadas v191122.7z everything works…:thinking:

I don’t know what to say to this, but it works for me!

What’s the country of you? In order to add 5G wifi hotpot support, I add wifi country code.


Latvia …

Made changes to system / vendor / build.prop. WIFI 5 GHz began to work !!! :slightly_smiling_face:

Can I ask you what you changed and how you changed it? I am from Germany and my 5Ghz does not work whether it is Ubuntu, just Android or Android TV

So after digging on internet I came to a conclusion that Khadas VIM3 pro does not support auto channel at 5GHz. In the 5GHz router I specified channel 44 and everything worked. This is not good from Khadas as it is not specified anywhere and it cost me personally a lot of wasted time and headache.