How to verify an input image with output tensor data

Dear Technical supporters,
root@Khadas:~/inceptionv3# ./inceptionv3 inception_v3.nb goldfish_299x299.jpg

When I ran the “./inceptionv3 inception_v3.nb goldfish_299x299.jpg” command, I got the output data (e.g., output0_1001_1.dat) as follows.

khadas# ls -al *.dat
-rw-rw-r-- 1 1000 1000 268203 Feb 13  2020 input_0.dat
-rw-rw-r-- 1 1000 1000   2002 Feb 13  2020 output0_1001_1.dat

I wonder how can I display the Top5 with generated output data (e.g., output0_1001_1.dat) above.
Fore example,
vim3# ./output0_1001_1.dat ./inceptionv3-label.txt

Welcome to any hints.

Geunsik Lim.

I don’t understand what want you mean. Log information will show the top five options of probability.

Can you explain the function of this order ?

@Frank, Let’s assume that a developer generates a output tensor (e.g., ./output0_1001_1.dat). Then, when we receive the output tensor file from the developer, I wonder how to check the ./output0_1001_1.dat file that is shared by the developer.

@leemgs Did you mean that how to check correctness of the content of the output file output0_1001_1.dat .

@Frank, Right, I want to check the correctness of the output file.

@leemgs I haven’t thought about it yet . When supporting ./inceptionv3 inception_v3.nb goldfish_299x299.jpg, in fact, the terminal will have a log information output, and finally a tpo5 with a probability value. I think comparing this value with the label file is a way to confirm whether the output file is correct . I think it’s a good time for developers to verify the output file before giving it to you. Developers can see the log information .