How to use NPU / beginner

Hello all,

I am a beginner in object detection, i dont have a khadas yet, but i want to do my research first :slight_smile:

Well, I cannot find any usefull information, i think the docs are assuming you know already a bit of object detection… well… i dont :slight_smile: okay, i did it once, but its been a while.

My Question, is it hard (for a beginner) to use the NPU in combination with yolo object detection in Python?
And, how to do it?


Hello there,
the NPU does not support using python, only C++
it maybe seen in the future, but no official ETA from khadas,


Hi, check out the information.

@VervProgrammer Hello, our NPU demo just support C++ now , but we may support python in the future. If you need to use python to run it , you can use ctypes to transfer c++ share library .

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Ah, thats a shame…

Anyway, thanks for the answer! I will follow the progression and may buy a board when python is supported for NPU.