How to use non-trivial device tree overlays?

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Android 11

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The SDK contains a trivial device tree overlay (DTBO_DEVICETREE=android_overlay_dt) that is compiled with device/khadas/common/kernelbuild/ and applied during u-boot (androidboot.dtbo_idx=0)

BUT, modifying the device tree overlay to contain something non-trivial like this:


/ {
    fragment@0 {
        // absolute path
        __overlay__ {

            status_leds {
                compatible = "gpio-leds";
                my_led {
                    //gpios = <&gpio GPIOY_8 GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW>;
                    gpios = <&gpio 0x89 0x01>;
                    default-state = "keep";

results in the following output in the console during boot:

Apply dtbo 1
failed on fdt_overlay_apply(): FDT_ERR_NOTFOUND
base fdt does did not have a /__symbols__ node
make sure you've compiled with -@
   Uncompressing Kernel Image ... OK
   Loading Ramdisk to 3e94a000, end 3f7ff4ea ... OK
libfdt fdt_check_header(): FDT_ERR_BADMAGIC
[rsvmem] fdt addr error.
ERROR: image is not a fdt - must RESET the board to recover.
FDT creation failed! hanging...### ERROR ### Please RESET the board ###

I am assuming the problem is the gpio references into mesont7.dtsi definitions. kvim4.dts and kvim4n.dts base device trees are built by the SDK as default. Decompiling the kvim4.dtb does not show any __symbols__ node. How can this be solved?

Building the Linux kernel with modified DTC_FLAGS, seems to solve the issue, but is there a more correct solution? I didn’t see the same improvement when adding CONFIG_OF_OVERLAY=y to the kernel config

-    ./mk kvim4 -v 5.4 -j$NPROC
+    DTC_FLAGS=-@ ./mk kvim4 -v 5.4 -j$NPROC

Hello @xavier

@william.lin will help you then.

How did you update the dtbo file. Reburning the dtbo image (dtbo.img) or other ?

Yes, I build all (bootloader, kernel, Android) from source and flash with burn-tool.

I have not found a way to build and flash only dtbo.img…

Also, in case C-style #include are used in the device tree overlay, then the overlay needs to be preprocessed before compiled by dtc in

DTCPPTOOL=“${CC} -E -P -nostdinc -I ${ROOT_DIR}/common/include/ -I ${ROOT_DIR}/arch -undef -x assembler-with-cpp”
${DTCPPTOOL} ${src_overlay} -o ${tmp_overlay}
${DTCTOOL} -@ -I dts -O dtb -o ${dst_overlay} ${tmp_overlay}

Currently, the Android code released by khadas does not support this feature.
Our team is evaluating this feature and we may be able to support it in the future version.

I found a related proposed kernel patch+discussion on this issue:

Seems like invoking make with DTC_FLAGS=-@ is the way to go. Also Linux kernel mainline’s scripts/Makefile.lib has not changed with respect to this (as of 6.10-rc6)

So just to be clear (for other readers), the patches above in this thread enable non-trivial device tree overlays to be used.