How to use multiple PWMs on VIM1S?

Which system do you use? Android, Ubuntu, OOWOW or others?

I am using Linux (Ubuntu) operating system on my VIM1S.

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Can you please tell me, how can I use multiple PWM on my VIM1S?

According to the Hardware Documentation (Schematics) for VIM1S, the pins of the processor GPIOD_6 and GPIOD_7 are brought to the GPIO Header of a single-board computer.
According to the diagram, these processor pins can be parameterized as PWM.

How can I use hardware PWM on these pins? I am using Linux operating system on my VIM1S

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Hello @Kirill

You can’t use I2CM_B_SCL & I2CM_B_SDA as PWM, because these pins are already used as I2C and can only be used as, MCU, RTC are on this I2C bus, so you can’t use it as PWM anymore.