How to use gpioz_15 - open drain pin

I know there is almost similar question in fourm

but I would say I am newbie and don’t know how to use this pin as normal gpio pin. I mean it’s open drain pin and I did following steps:

  1. connected 3.3v vcc from board via 1K resistor
  2. followed this guide for 426pin (gpioz_15)

but output is always same zero.

I connected externel vcc as bellow

I will appreciate if can get any hints or help.

@numbqq do you know any guide or solved post to use this pin 39 of vim3l as simple i/o pin I coldn’t find any.

  • I am using image built with fenix script.
    • debian
    • buster
    • lxde
    • 4.9 kernel
    • 2015.01 uboot