How to use GPIO on the 40-pin for the external power2 button?

We need a contact of button “Power” to implement full control sleep mode with an external controller. Now we have to solder to the button of contacts “Power”, it’s no good.
Can you add contact of button “Power” on pinout in the next revisions Vim1, Vim2 and Cross?

Do you need the existing button?
If not, you could remove it and use its pads.

I don’t want to solder and ruin purchase the product.
The contact of “Power” button was placed on “radxa” board and it was very comfortable.

Hi, davemf:
Interesting requirement:)

  1. you can also use a GPIO on the 40-pin for the external power2 button
  2. when we design the next gen product, will evaluate and consider the feedback from you.

And, thanks for the feedback and suggestions!


Hi, Gouwa!
Can you help me to do it? May be, can you do patch for source?
Very need it…

I renamed topic on “How to use GPIO on the 40-pin for the external power2 button?”.

I’m not in the office at the moment.

Actually, the power button also comes with a GPIO, so it’s same with any GPIO on the 40-pin GPIO bus, same hardware circuit and similar software.

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Yes, I understand that. But I don’t know where I need to fix the source code to implement the Power2.
I hope to help and wait for assistance in this matter.
Thank you so much!

Okay, I’ll figure out a solution for power2 next Monday :wink:

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This is great news! Thanks for the help!

Hi, Gouwa!

Do you have a solution for power2 key?

Hi, Davemf:

1) Hardware:

2) Software:
Just reference all the source code of GPIOAO_2 and add a new one GPIODV_13 as Power2.


  • You can replace GPIODV_13 as any GPIO which is avaiable on the 40-pin IO bus.
  • Above can be used for VIM2 directly, and similar method for VIM1, just instead EXP_INT as PWR_EN.
  • The EXP_INT or PWR_EN are used to power on the VIMs device when the system power is cut off.
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Of course, I can do this.
But it was easier to bring the contact parallel to the power button.
Please add pinout in the next revisionsVIM1 and VIM2.