How to use eSIM with the RM-500Q-GL?

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**Ubuntu Server 5.15 Khadas official images**

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Hello !

I bought the Quectel RM-500Q-GL and I need to be able to use esim on Linux.

The module works, I was able to install it using the repository provided by the Khadas team.

However, in the documentation there is no integration of eSIM functions in the Quectel Connect Manager. I found an eSIM LPA Application Note document on the Quectel site, which seems to be another piece of software.

I made a request on the Quectel forum but was refused access to this software (Esim Provisioning RM510Q-GL using LPAd software - #43 by silvia - 5G Module - Quectel Forums).

If you’re interested I’ve put the documentation I found here: kDrive

Can you help or direct me to make an eSIM work with this module?

Thank you very much for your help!

We just told by Quectel that there is no difference to use eSim or nornal Sim card, you juse need to configure the correct APN.

Hello @numbqq,

Thank you for your answer. Indeed I can set the APN through the AT command (AT+CGDCONT) but I need in addition to be able to activate the eSim using Subscription Manager - Data Preparation. The command should look like this : AT+QESIM=“def_svr_addr”,“LPA:1$$N5CM8MUVQC1MF9TF”

My esim provider (airalo) give me this activation code : LPA:1$$N5CM8MUVQC1MF9TF

I currently waiting for an answer from Quectel about giving me access to the LPA Application, I hope they will accept if not I’ll be stuck…

I’ll keep you updated in any case.


Hello @numbqq,
Unfortunately I’ve just had a reply from Quectel refusing my request for access to the source code… I’m really stuck now because they claim their module is esim compatible but in reality it isn’t without this application they refuse to share.

Is it possible that Khadas will be able to get it for his customers who bought the RM-500Q-GL?

Thank you for your reply.

Do you must need the source code or just the application?

The application will be more than enough.

I have had some success with the opensource lpac app:

I can list select, enable, disable and delete profiles from an euicc -
using this command (just using AT commands):

LPAC_APDU=at AT_DEVICE=/dev/ttyUSB2 ./lpac chip info

I can’t (yet) download fresh profiles.

I tested this on an RM520 and used a sysmocom eUICC for eSIM |

I have not tested on the RM-500Q-GL

Any help getting the bugs out of this would be very welcome.

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