How to use em06 lte module under Ubuntu server

I have vim3 and EM06-E module with new m2x extend board, and install ubuntu server 18.04, kernel version 4.9. According the wiki 如何使用LTE模块 | Khadas Documentation

sudo nmcli connection add type gsm apn 3gnet user 0000 password 0000 con-name "EM06 4G"

This command report " Error: ifname argument is required. Use either ifname wwan0orfiname cdc-wdm0`would report “No suitable device found for this connection”.

Test for LTE mode "usbnet",0 and "usbnet",2, both failed.

After some google search, the USB_PCIE_SWITCH mode also concern. I want to know, what is the right settings for using EM06 LTE module, usb/pcie mode, usbnet0/2 mode.

Hello, I do not have the EM06, so I cannot directly comment on that.

As far as PCIe or USB, you will want to set the switch to PCIe if you use the New M2X board with the EM06 attached. See here.

@RDFTKV @tyk_khadas the LTE module does not depend on the PCIe switch at all, it operates independently over the USB port extended by the internal hub in the form of a m.2 slot,

so having switched between USB or PCIe doesn’t matter…

just follow the correct documentation, try running lsusb to see what is hooked up
and there seems to be an error in the command, try nmtui too, for graphical setup



I test on Image Ubuntu 20.04 with gnome(kernel 4.9.224 network-manager 1.22.10), LTE work FINE.

On Image Ubuntu 18.04 server (kernel 4.9.241, network-manager 1.10.6), it reports failed.

lsusb has node “2c7c:0306”, ip addr can see device wwan0, sudo nmcli device can see device cdc-wdm0 gsm unmanaged.

Using nmtui, cannot see catalog "mobile broabandin "edit connection". After add gsm connection by usingnmcli`, active the connection in nmtui report “Connection is not avaliable on the device cdc-wdm0 at this time”.

@Electr1 @RDFTKV
Hi, now the problem has been resovled.
After searching internet, it seems that network-manager not manage device “cdc-wdm0”, and the server ubuntu lack some file setting.
do command sudo touch /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/10-globally-managed-devices.conf then network-manger will manage gsm device cdc-wdm0 and gsm connection works FINE!.

By the way, EM06-E module work fine with China Unicom and Chine Telecom, but will offine offline with China Mobile.