How to Upgrade Using USB to USB

I have try Upgrade Using USB-C Cable by 4 ways to boot into Upgrade Mode:
1.Keys Mode (Side-Buttons)
2.Serial Mode
3.TST Mode (Recommended)
4.MRegister Mode
But My VIM3 is not connect with the Computer and not sure the Type-C port of VIM3 is fail or not…??
And,Upgrade Android Using SD-Card is My VIM3 no have Singnal to TV, Can’t find status on TV.
I am looking Upgrade Using USB to USB is it possible?

Thank you.

Take a look here in the photo

Yes, I have try it but not connect.
I think the Typc-C port of VIM3 is fail.

@nipon0007 You should use type-C port to upgrade . You can look this page .

When connected to port C, the computer should emit a sound signal, if you can’t hear it, check the sound output from the computer, if you use Windows, try disabling the firewall. The usb cable connector does not connect well to the board contacts; it needs to be pressed harder into the case or connected to the board without the case.

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no have a sound signal.
I using Windows10

Did you check it without the case?

The Power of VIM3 is on, I think the VIM3 is connected My PC, But Why the tranfer data section not connected the USB_Burning_Tool not show or auto start Upgrade.

Remove any SD card or card reader, then…

Try each of these individually…
1.)Try pressing more quickly and exceed three presses.
2.)Reinstall the World Cup Driver.

3.) Try holding the power button down before connecting the USB cable to the PC, keep holding the button until the VIM3 is recognized by the USB BurningTool.
4.) Try a different USB-C to USB cable
5.) Only use the main USB ports on your PC, not remote ports on PC case.
If available, use the USB 2.0 port on your PC.

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The way most USB connectors are designed, the power pins make contact first, then the data pins make contact. If the case is preventing the complete insertion of the cable, data pins may fail to engage.

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Do you use two USB cords for firmware? if not, connect the power to one USB C connector, the other to the display port and it to the computer. Try it!

I use USB2.0 (PC) to Type-C (VIM3)

Setup Serial Debugging Tool…is OK or not?

Tried to flash on different computers, Windows 7, 10. Helped only extra power.
On model not to pay attention, look on principle connectivity.

VIM3Pro have USB-C is 1 port.

Oops, didn’t know that. Yesterday I found a solution only with the help of a hard fifth point with contact closure and additional power supply.
I have EDGE-V Pro.

as for me, the denser the cable sits in the connector, the better :stuck_out_tongue: IMHO

@nipon0007 Can you take a picture of how you connect it to me? I need to confirm something.

@sliderf This is Edge not VIM3. VIM3 just one type-C port