How to upgrade link or video?

Are there any current step by step instructions to upgrade the android version?

I have 2 of the Kadas SBC units the A311D is fine, but the Edge-V ide like to change the Android version to something a little closer to what comes stock on the A311D i find it easier to navigate.

I have a few programs but it seems the RockChip needs its own tool to create a bootable SD card boot rom?

Some one posted a link to a bunch of Firmware versions for the Edge but im still not clear if these roms need a “burn tool” or if they are just drag and drop or if they require the Type C-USB cable?

Ide prefer the SD card method if possible it seems easier then trying to dance around the powerbutton/reset button method which seems to have a higher failure

When i typed in the “topic” a blue window popped up on the side with “similar to your topic” but all of the links are dead so they must be old

@BowerR64 Android just EMMC imags .

And you can follow this to upgrade