How to update VIM3 kernel in fenix

I am new to fenix and trying to optimize my 4.9.y kernel for faster boot on VIM3.

I am compiling ubuntu for SD on a Ubuntu 20.04 host. Initially, everything compiles and the SD card works great.

After I edit the kernel source or .dts files, and I type “make” in fenix/, the kernel is recompiled and the SD image rebuilt, but after flashing to SD and checking the dates, the kernel’s dates are still the ones of the first compilation (before my edits). If I boot the card, my changes are not run.

I tried to run “make distclean” in fenix/linux/ and then “make” in fenix, which now recompiles the whole kernel but the SD card still contains the old kernel and dtb files.

If I run “make clean” in fenix and then “make”, the kernel is updated on SD, but this takes 40 minutes each time.

How can I update the kernel on SD without a full “make clean” of fenix?


Hello @mercprof, welcome to the community,
you can try make kernel

thanks! but same results, still the old files are flashed to SD…

why don’t you manually transfer the kernel alone to SD…?

yes, great idea, but I do not know where it is. I looked for bzImage or vmlinuz or such but I could not find it. Can you help me with location of kernel, initrd, and dtb files?

kernel is located at
dtb located at

alternatively you could just execute make kernel-deb
this should create a .deb file in build directory that can update the kernel and dtb when executed


I will try that, thank you very much!