How to switch to boot with oowow remotely?

Ubuntu 22.04 server Linux Khadas 5.15.119 #1.6 SMP PREEMPT Fri Dec 29 15:44:55 CST 2023 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux

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Please describe your issue below:

The most of time I have only remote connection to Kadas vim4.
I’ve configured UART and can control screen and keyboard on a boot stage. Hovewer, when I need to reboot and/or I need to switch to oowow mode I have to make this only manually and I have to be near with VIM4 SBC.

Can I somehow set from Linux to boot (after next reboot) to oowow mode ?

And it maybe exist some way to make VIM4 reboot by GPIO remotely ? I mean by connecting UART device to GPIO pins or kind of this ?

So, can I fully control device remotely ? I mean reboot and set boot mode after next reboot.
Like BMC/ipmi/iLo functional in standard servers.

Thanks in advance

Please try this:

sudo reboot2oowow
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Are there any arguments which can be passed with the command to control the firewall = we also have a lot of remote headless devices - would be handy to be able to reboot to oowow and allow connections


Hello @arts-projects

@hyphop will help you then.

Hi Hyphop,

We can successfully configure the firewall locally connected to a machine - however I was looking for a solution where a machine is remote without the firewall switched to allow incoming:

something like:

sudo reboot2oowow --firewall=allow



  1. sudo reboot2oowow --firewall=allow nice idea but at this moment we dont have similar feature, but we try to check this idea
  2. oowow firewall must configured before going into oowow mode, just need setup it 1st time
  3. BTW; oowow always have USB-otg network connection, which allow income traffic at any time