How to set vertical display TS050 screen on EDGE-V?

Hello everybody, this is my screen, it is being displayed horizontally, i want it display default is vertical. Please help me. Thank you.


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@minhpv, can’t you can go to the settings and set the display orientation ?

@Electr1 i want set default in source android

Are asking about the source code modification ?

@minhpv @Terry @goenjoy Please help with this problem.


hello @goenjoy, i’m using Android9.0,
I did not find SF_PRIMARY_DISPLAY_ORIENTATION in device/rockchip/rk3399/, thank

@minhpv Then you can add it. In addition, you should also modify this place:

hlm@Server:/users/hlm/7_Edge/device/rockchip/rk3399$ git diff
diff --git a/manifest.xml b/manifest.xml
index 80f4ef0..b91ae83 100755
--- a/manifest.xml
+++ b/manifest.xml
@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@
     <hal format="hidl">
-        <version>1.0</version>
+        <version>1.1</version>
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@goenjoy , have followed your instructions but not sucess. Result shown in link. (

I saw vertical display screen in the video on your YouTube channel.

@minhpv Oh, because SDK is a dual screen display, you have to modify it like this:

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@goenjoy thank for help me. The screen is distorted after restarting, but when the screen is rotated it returns to normal. Result shown in link (

Do you need HDMI display? If not, modify it as follows. The previous changes were undone:

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