How to set lpddr4 parameters such as ddr frequency in u-boot-mainline?

I want to chang ddr frequency in u-boot-mainline,we can see ddr setting in the BL2,but i can’t find the way to chang it,please!

Is it our VIM3 board? All the VIM3 boards have DDR frequency 1608MHz, not 1056MHz.

Mainline u-boot use the blobs from legacy u-boot, if you want to change the DDR frequency you can edit the timing in legacy u-boot, and copy them to mainline u-boot to combine the new u-boot. You can check Fenix about this.

Yes,i’ts VIM3,but i replace other source BL2.bin,i wonder lpddr init is in BL2 or u-boot? In addition,can you tell me what affect this ddr.fw files

It’s in BL2 and is not open source.

Why you need to change the DDR frequency?