How to set HDMI as Primary

I’m using VIM3 android 9.
When I connected the external display with MIPI and HDMI it works.
But, when I connected only HDMI it does not work.


Does the VIM3 board only connect to the HDMI display and can’t work?
Can you describe it in more detail? @jasonl Please follow up this.

@ChillyCoding what is your firmware version ? how to reproduce this problem?

@jasonl VIM3_Pie_V210128 .

@ChillyCoding VIM3_Pie_V210128 firmware has no hdmi problem,what did you do before hdmi didn’t work? you can reburn the firmware,then connect only hdmi ,to check if it is normal

Sorry for my mistake, because screen not showing Khadas boot logo when connect only with HDMI. Just wait around 4-6 sec. for android animation boot section.