How to revive VIM2

I ask for help from the respected community!) Khadas VIM2, loaded from an SD card and running Armbian 22.11.4 (Bullseye5.19.17-meson64). For some time now, the boot time increased sharply, and then the device stopped booting altogether
The new loading card did not change the situation in any way. An attempt to boot into Krescue was also unsuccessful (once I saw the Khadas splash screen and nothing else. The device does not connect via USB to the computer and the USB Burnnig Tool ( also does not see it.
All the described options and connection methods did not produce results. VIM2 responds to pressing the function button three times, with the blue LED blinking briefly, but after that nothing happens.
The only thing that worked was connecting via UART and after resetting I got this (see screenshot). Where, in addition to the lack of loading, this line confuses me DDR3 chl: Rank0+1 @ 912MHz - FAIL
Apparently, I have a problem with u-boot, and maybe a hundred more. I would like to get advice on which direction should I move? In advance, thank you very much to everyone who responded!)

I bought a short 10-Gbit Type-C cable and in Mask-ROM mode the program saw VIM2 and successfully wrote the firmware. However, I saw nothing on the TV screen. I recorded different images several times - VIM2_DualOS_Nougat_Ubuntu-16.04_V180622, vim2-ubuntu-22.04-gnome-linux-6.1-fenix-1.4-221229 and Android_vim2_nougat_v190518, but I still don’t see the download. Now the UART connection does not display anything. Booting from an SD card with different OOWOV_SD download options also does not happen. If anyone knows how to write firmware with Krescue into emmc, then my gratitude will know no bounds!)))

Hello @PolVik

Can you try to flash image to eMMC with usb tool ?

Thanks for the answer!) Yes, I can write the firmware, but only in MaskROM mode, closing the contacts on the board and connecting VIM using USB cables (2 cables at the same time!!!) type-C and A-A. The board is successfully flashed, but the result is not visible. When connecting via UART, only ‘Communication with MCU… …’ is displayed and nothing more. I would be grateful for ANY suggestions and considerations!)))

Which images you used ? Could you provide the full uart log?

Hi! At the moment I have the following: When I close the MaskROM contacts and connect an additional(!) USB A-A cable, I successfully record an img(!) system image for VIM2, from - Index of /.images/vim2/. It could be Andriod, Armbian or Ubuntu. Naturally, I do not burn the kresq image using the USB Burning Tool. (Apparently, in this case, the type-c cable acts as a power cable. If I connect only(!) using the type-c cable and short-circuit MskROM, the USB Burning Tool does NOT detect VIM2). After a successful firmware reboot (on power), I see nothing on the screen, the UART connection is constantly in the “Communication with MCU…” state and no longer displays anything.
My UART connection: Tx pin 18 VIM2 → Rx pin USB to TTL module, Rx pin 19 VIM2-> Tx pin USB to TTL module, Vcc - pin 20, GND - pin 40.
Trying to boot from an SD card containing any system, including OOWOW or KRESCUE, does not lead to anything.