How to replace boot image (Khadas) when compiling a new ubunto with fenix scripts?


I compiled some different ubuntu images using the fenix scripts.

I would like to know how at the moment I am creating this image, change the boot image, which is currently “black with writing KHADAS”.

I saw that it has a procedure (link but I did not understand it and from what I was able to search, I can change this image when I created the complete image of ubuntu, but I do not know how.

I’m using khadas vim2 pro


Hi luchina,

You can use the new uImage you build to replace the old one in folder /boot/uImage. If you failed to boot as you said, you need to enter uboot command line, you can refer to Setup Serial Debugging Tool. And use the backup image to boot to ubuntu,

kvim2# setenv bootcmd "ext4load mmc 1:5 1080000 uImage.old;ext4load mmc 1:5 10000000 uInitrd.old;ext4load mmc 1:5 20000000 kvim2.dtb.old;bootm 1080000 10000000 20000000"
kvim2# run bootcmd


Please could you release a Ubuntu image 17.10 (No Mate or variant of Ubuntu, just plain Ubuntu)
That would be awesome.

Also I understand that the Android image uses opensource Mali t820 drivers. But all the linux images don’t even have the open source images. It would be great if Khadas released a tutorial on how to add any Mali T820 drivers for Linux.

Best regards