How to remotely control VIM3 from diferent location and different network

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I want to remotely connect to the VIM3 SBC so that I could provide some support to install some software in there the SBC or run a program from different location or different network just like teamviewer. Please help me out, if anyone used something for a similar scenario, please share it here. Its really important for me to get remote connection.


Hello! as for os Android, there are similar programs there

No, I am using Ubuntu Latest version from Khadas

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Use ssh if you only need to control it from cli, else you will need remote desktop app like Vladimir mentioned but teamviewer and anydesk is not available for aarch64 arch.

Maybe linux version of rdp. That’s vnc

@CodeLogist What support do you need to use remote desktop for? I think SSH with SCP is enough. It is not recommended to use the remote control software of the desktop on the board, which will be very stuck

Thanks @Spikerguy for your help. Can you please give me any documentation or commands to do this? I used vnc4server but I couldn’t connect to it using realvnc on other PC (I used the Ip address shown on browsed on VIM3)

Hi @Frank I just want to install custom YOLOv3 and a photo capturing tool on remote VIM3 thats why I want to control it remotely. Can you please send some documentation or commands?

Teamviwer isn’t working on VIM3

Can you please tell me how to setup SSH for VIM3 and connect it through windows or linux PC on different network?


Not sure on what connection setup youre describing but if your vim3 is behind a router (e.g. a boradband connection in another place) then you will need to open up a route to your vim3 through that router (i.e. map traffic from a port on your external facing IP address to your VIM3 on the local network) - but be aware that exposes it on the internet so will need firewall etc. set up on your VIM3. Once you have that route setup then you should be able to connect from anywhere. Depending if you get static or dynamic IP addresses from your internet service provider depends if the IP address will always stay the same or not.

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I have VIM3 connected to Wifi network. Can you please specify any software, commands, tutorial or documentation to do so?

Yes, but are you looking to remote control it on the same network or a different network - for example are both the vim3 and the computer you are trying to control from on the same WiFi network? If they aren’t on the same WiFi network then how are the networks joined together?

I want to control VIM3 from different location from outside network. Both the VIM3 and other PC has internet connectivity

If they are in different networks and you want desktop access then something like will be easiest if you don’t have much experience setting it up. Otherwise it depends how the vim3 is connected to the internet - most likely through a broadband router I expect - if it is then look up port forwarding for your specific router - they are all different. Once you have that setup the you will be able to access the vim3 from anywhere - but note the point I made earlier it will be exposed to the internet so will need a firewall etc set up on it as well.
You will probably want to use a service such as the ones here to stop your setup breaking when your ISP changes your IP address

I tried realvnc with vnc4server but it was not able to connect. Would probably tweak with port forwading setting of the router and then reply back. Thanks. Should I check port forward for both sides router?


If you tried with the IP address of your internet connection then it wouldn’t work as that’s the IP address on the internet side of your router. Your vim3 will have a different IP address (use the command ifconfig at the terminal to see what it is). What you need to do is set up your router to forward traffic on an unused port (pick one but above 1024 - let’s say 5000) to the IP address of your vim3. Coming back from the vim3 to wherever you are connecting will work anyway. You would then connect to your vim3 using the internet facing IP address of your router and port 5000 - like