How to recompile galcore.ko from Linux kernel source for Ubuntu 18.04_SD/VIM3 Pro board

I want to re-compile the “galcore.ko” file from Linux kernel source to do an additional experiments and aggressive optimization for Ubuntu 18.04_SD/VIM3 Pro board. I confirmed the location of the Linux kernel source for Ubuntu 18.04_SD/VIM3 Pro board.

And, I checked the location of ARM cross compiler at the below webpage.

Where can I find an instruction manual to recompile Linux kernel for VIM3 board directly?

We use Fenix to build Ubuntu/Debian images.
If you want to rebuild the kernel or modules you can follow the commands:

khadas@3a97a4844f91:~/fenix$ source env/   #### select VIM3
khadas@3a97a4844f91:~/fenix$ make kernel
khadas@3a97a4844f91:~/fenix$ make kernel-deb

You can find the deb package in build/images/debs/0.7/linux-image-amlogic-4.9_0.7_arm64.deb

Copy linux-image-amlogic-4.9_0.7_arm64.deb to the board and install it.

$ sudo dpkg -i linux-image-amlogic-4.9_0.7_arm64.deb

$ source source env/

BTW, is this typo?

Yes, you are right, sorry…