How to reboot VIM3L over SSH?

Hello! I have VIM3L with Ubuntu Server 20.04 installed on eMMC. I am trying to run the sudo reboot command to reboot VIM3 via ssh. But VIM3 shuts down and becomes unavailable on the network. The sudo shutdown command shuts down VIM3 as expected. When I click on the side Reset button, VIM3 restarts normally. How can I reboot VIM3 via ssh?

to reboot ubuntu the command is, after you have ssh’ed into the instance is sudo reboot or ssh –t 'sudo reboot' thought the direct ssh method is a bit of a pain as it needs a password and may spit out this error sudo: no tty present and no askpass program specified so just ssh-ing in is probably easier

When I enter the sudo reboot command VIM3 shuts down and does not reboot. While the power on the keyboard and mouse remains. I have to manually pull and insert the usb-c power cable to boot the device.

I found the cause of the malfunction. if I set sudo systemctl set-default , VIM3 will not reboot with the sudo reboot command. You need to return to the default value sudo systemctl set-default Strange, everything works on other devices with Ubuntu-server installed (RPi 3, 4 and others).

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