How to read return value from i2c on Android app?

Hello Khadas Team and Khadas community, i am using i2c connect to thermal camera on Edge-v. But i don’t get return value from i2c on Android app. Please help me. Many thanks!!!

@minhpv @Terry @goenjoy @jasonl Please help with this problem

@minhpv You can logcat to see what’s wrong?

Sorry @goenjoy because i haven’t explained it clearly, my model is shown below.
EDGE-V board running Android 9.0 and connect with MLX90640(IR Array Thermal Imaging Camera) through GPIO(shown below). My android app installed in EDGE-V. I want to get the return value from the MLX90640 through the Android app but I don’t know what to do. Please help me, @goenjoy.

First use I2C-tools tool to debug OK, and then replace the command line on Java.

I ran the command i2c with the command in java but don’t know how to get the temperature value at the pixel through the thermal camera. Hope you help me, thank you.

You have to learn how to use I2C-tools tool. You can learn how to use on the Internet.

@minhpv You can use the I2C interface in the khadas API :grinning: