How to pack kernel Image to final target bin?

HI all,

after execute PROJECT=Khadas_Vim ARCH=aarch64 ./scripts/build linux , there will generate a new kernel bin: build.LibreELEC-Khadas_Vim.aarch64-7.0.2/linux-7f42343/arch/arm64/boot/Image, but how can I pack this bin file to final target file: target/LibreELEC-Khadas_Vim.aarch64-7.0.2.img.gz? because I don’t know how to flash kernel Image to SD/eMMC。
or in some case I just have a little change, how can I make a fast compile or package? like this topic about android:
How to pack system and update image

You can refer libreelec/scripts/mkimage for the details.

Hi, Gouwa
thanks for you answer,
There are some places I can’t understand in mkimage, for example, what does below command mean?