How to modify the configuration for DAC Extra Digital Gain in audio line out?

Which system do you use? Android, Ubuntu, OOWOW or others?


Which version of system do you use? Khadas official images, self built images, or others?

self built images

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static const struct reg_default tl1_acodec_init_list[] = {
	{ACODEC_0, 0x3430BFCF},
	{ACODEC_1, 0x50503030},
	{ACODEC_2, 0xFBFB0000},
	{ACODEC_3, 0x00002222},
	{ACODEC_4, 0x00010000},
	{ACODEC_5, 0xFBFB0033},
	{ACODEC_6, 0x0},
	{ACODEC_7, 0x0}

for  {ACODEC_1, 0x50503030},   //Default gain 0db
How to modify the configuration for additional gain in audio line out???
Below is my manual modification:
tinymix  4   12db
# tinymix
Mixer name: 'AML-AUGESOUND'
Number of controls: 89
ctl     type    num     name                                     value

0       INT     2       AMP1 PGA IN Gain                         16 16
1       INT     2       AMP1 ADC Digital Capture Volume          80 80
2       INT     2       AMP1 DAC Digital Playback Volume         253 253
3       INT     2       AMP1 DAC 2 Digital Playback Volume       251 251
4       ENUM    1       AMP1 DAC Extra Digital Gain              12dB

{ACODEC_1, 0x50503030}
How did this register value come from?

@Lexus [Android] USB microphone - #3 by goenjoy
You can call the command code during the startup process.

system("tinymix 4 12db");
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It’s a very, very good idea!
But if we could know the configuration of this register value, it would be more perfect!!!

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@Lexus Then you can add corresponding printing information to the code somewhere in the driver for debugging.

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:smile:good ! :handshake:
okay. it is beautiful!!