How to make VIM3L enter deep sleep (suspend and resume)

I am using VIM3l with USB cable connected for adb/power.
If I press power button it is only entering early_suspend.
How to make it enter full suspend (deep sleep) and how to resume ?


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what do you mean by deep sleep ?
you can assume android to be like your regular android smartphone/ Tablet, can you iterate from there ?

I mean the full suspend state of linux kernel, not just early_suspend.
If I press power button it is only entering the early_suspend state.

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I am not entirely aware of such an android feature, maybe by tweaking some kernel configurations with apps like kernel auditor might help you achieve the level of system suspend you prefer :slight_smile:

hi, do you mean hibernation or something like a partial power off?

I mean a very low power state where system is suspended on to RAM and userspace is frozen.

I believe such a feature is available on Linux firmware, but not on android…

Tell us more about your script to use vim, this will give more chances to resolve your issue

I have both VIM3. And VIM3, and VIM3L.
And I assure you, they conduct completely differently when you press the Power button.
VIM3 completely falls asleep. Even the LEDs turns off, but VIM3L does not know how.
BUT!!.. if you send command “echo ‘mem’ > /sys/power/state” to VIM3L - it asleep as VIM3.
whatever you say, but this is a clear drawback of VIM3L (and VIM3 too) … lack of sleep depth adjustment.
I need deep sleep too on VIM3L… But, it havn’t…

its something that ought to be changeable in the kernel,
maybe you can try to build your own kernel with the deep sleep capabilities you require…

alas, but I do not know anything about android and do not have the knowledge to build my own kernel … like 99.99% of users. )))

well, this is a good opportunity to be a part of the .01% :wink: