How to increase the exposure of MIPI camera in VIM3

My working condition is inside a underground garage, which is darker than other cases. So i want to manually increase the exposure or increase gain of MIPI camera. I tried the following command

v4l2_test  -c 1 -p 0 -F 0 -f 0 -D 0 -R 1 -r 2 -d 2 -N 1000 -n 800 -w 0 -e 4 -I 1 -b /dev/fb0 -v /dev/video0

After running the command, the image becomes brighter shortly, then it goes dark as nothing changed.
I tried to change some parameters but the image is till dark as before.
How can i manually increase the exposure or gain ? Any documents for v4l2_test ? Thanks.

You can check the source code here:

I want to change wdr_mode for low light scenes. According to the code:

w : wdr mode          : 0: linear 1: native 2: fs lin

What is the meaning of ‘linear’, ‘native’, ‘fs lin’ ?

i tried the following command to change wdr_mode to 1

v4l2_test  -c 1 -p 0 -F 0 -f 0 -D 0 -R 1 -r 2 -d 2 -N 1000 -n 800 -w 1 -e 1 -I 1 -b /dev/fb0 -v /dev/video0

My screen rendered a broken image

How can i change wdr_mode ? Any helps ? Thanks.

@numbqq any helps or suggestions?

Were you able to solve this ?